Victor and William Fung Foundation


Salon Dinner with Dr Victor Joseph Dzau, President of the US National Academy of Medicine

1 Jun, 2017

The event, which was held on Thursday evening, 1 June 2017, at The Hong Kong Club, attracted 34 guests of scientific experts, health care leaders and business. The discussion of the evening centred on the challenges of healthy longevity.

President Dzau started the evening by sharing his experiences and expertise on “Why now is the time for healthy longevity i.e. remaining health as we live longer, and why we are at an inflection point. Potential impact on humanity – both economic and health”.

Dr Victor Fung, Chairman of the Fung Group, then chaired a panel discussion on “Completed and planned future actions in ageing on the biological and the sociological aspects”. The panelists included Prof Karen Lam (Chair Professor in Medicine, HKU), Dr Chi Kwong Law (Department of Social Work and Social Administration, HKU), Dr Edward Leung (Hon Consultant Geriatrician and Director of Geriatric Medicine Centre, Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital), Prof Jean Woo (Director of the Jockey Club Institute of Aging, CUHK), and Prof Zhongjun Zhou (School of Biomedical Sciences, HKU), and, Dr Dzau as respondent.

To conclude the evening, Dr Dzau introduced the NAM Grand Challenge on Healthy Longevity. As the discussion was the first event outside the US after the call to action was launched earlier this year, after Los Angeles and New York, the participants were excited that they had an opportunity to get involved in this meaningful project at an early stage. The groups also expressed their continued commitments to tackle the challenge, transform the field and make an impact on humanity.