The Fung Scholars Programme

The Fung Scholars Programme nurtures future world leaders through supporting university students to experience different cultures and environments early in their careers. The recipients of the Fung Scholarships are known as Fung Scholars (or Fung Fellows for the post-graduates) and they are chosen on the basis of their academic excellence and leadership potential. read more


The Fung Global Institute and The Asia Global Institute at The University of Hong Kong

The Fung Global Institute (FGI) was established in 2010 as an independent think-tank in Hong Kong, to generate and disseminate new thinking from Asian perspectives on issues that could transform the global economy. FGI has transformed into The Asia Global Institute, assuming the same mission and operations but under the auspices of The University of Hong Kong in 2015. read more


Technology Breakfast Series in Hong Kong

The Series, jointly organised with Our Hong Kong Foundation, has brought together the entrepreneurial and inventive community to strengthen the ecosystem of creativity and innovation in Hong Kong. read more


The Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation – Research and Development on Management

The Foundation sponsored the Clayton Christensen Institute to engage in Research and Development on management. The work would include developing and improving management theories, as well as applying those theories to important problems about business and society. The grant would also support working with the Fung Group to make such management theories available to a broad Asian audience and will benefit developing countries. The research covers two key areas:
Research Area 1: Creating Growth Through Identifying Non- Consumption; and
Research Area 2: Platforms and the Modularization of the Global Supply Chain.

Harvard University – The ChinaX Hybrid Programme

The Foundation supported Harvard University to develop, operate, and launch the ChinaX Hybrid Program – Teaching China’s History Online, which is the bilingual, online version of a General Education survey of Chinese history in hybrid ( that combines elements of online learning and traditional learning) educational models that incorporate technology.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Innovation Hub West

The purpose of the Innovation Hub West is to provide facilities with advanced tools and materials for research and prototyping on the MIT campus. read more


The Harvard University Asia Centre

The support of the Foundation has allowed Harvard Asia Centre to develop a global network of young scholars in collaboration with The Asia Global Institute of The University of Hong Kong and the enhancement of the facility of Fung Library.


The Fung Service Leadership Initiative in Hong Kong

Cooperating with the Hong Kong Institute of Service Leadership and Management and eight tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, to promote a new model of service leadership and learning in the post-industrial age, with the objective of preparing undergraduates to be more effective leaders in their career and community life.


Conservation International – Freshwater Health Index Programme in USA

The Foundation supports the Freshwater Health Index Programmes of Conservation International to develop an accessible, groundbreaking measuring tool that stakeholders across all sectors could easily deploy to obtain relevant information on the health of the freshwater systems on which they depend.


The Fung Clinical Fellowship at National University of Singapore

The Fellowship serves to promote and enhance knowledge and skills of medical practitioners across ASEAN countries and China.


Migrant Youth Project in Shenzhen, China

The Project aims to provide better vocational training to, and to enhance the employability of, urban migrant youth through innovative solutions.


The Fung Family Global Faculty Development Fund, Harvard Business School

The Fund was established at Harvard Business School in 2013 to deepen the faculties’ global understanding and to support a wide range of faculty development activities.


The Fung China Social Policy Research Fund for Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Peking University China Social Work Research and Development Centre

The Fund supports the Joint Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Peking University China Social Work Research Centre to provide better coordination for collaborative research endeavours between the two universities, develop better linkages with stakeholders and government ministries.


The Centre for Corporate Governance, Tsinghua University

The Centre promotes high-quality research, education and training on corporate governance issues in China.