Victor and William Fung Foundation


Facing Challenges in the Age of Turbulence

The Fung Scholars Leadership Conference 2008 was held on 4 October 2008 in Hong Kong with the theme “Facing Challenges in the Age of Turbulence”.

Mr KM Wong, Director of Victor and William Fung Foundation, delivered the opening remarks followed by presentations by two Fung Scholars, Ms Yaki Wo of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (FS2007-08) and Ms DaYe Kim of The Hong Kong University (FS2007-08), who shared with us their exchange experience and their path forward.

Dr Victor Fung and Dr William Fung, respectively the Group Chairman and Group Managing Director of the Li & Fung Group, spoke to the conference their insights and valuable experience on how to act positively during the economic turmoil.

The Conference was attended by over 120 Fung Scholars and Fung Fellows and representatives from universities. It was heartening to see the participation of so many young and bright future leaders. In order to engage Fung Scholars and Fung Fellows abroad in the Conference, Victor and William Fung Foundation arranged live webcast facility and questions could be posted on-line. The Q&A session saw the active participation of the Fung Scholars.

During the Conference the total hit rate of the life webcast was 1,193. Fung Scholars/Fung Fellows participated at the Conference received the book “Competing in a Flat World” written by Dr Victor Fung, Dr William Fung and Prof Jerry Wind, and a set of DVD’s depicting the adventures of Marco Polo and Zheng He as presented in the National Geographic Channel documentaries.